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As a Wilmington, NC custom home builder, Fasse Construction and Development will build your home to fit you comfortably and affordably. Want to remodel, modernize or energize your current home? We can do that as well. Our expertise does not end there. Our services also include consultation, supervision, project development, and market analysis.

Full Construction

Our custom homes run the gamut from traditional to modern to eclectic. We work with our designers and architects to create unique designs to fit your lifestyle or use plans that you already have. Either way, our custom built homes offer built-in savings through lower energy and maintenance costs.

Green Building

We go many steps beyond the energy codes to help you achieve sustainability and environmental friendliness. The level of "green" is up to you, but you can relax knowing that we do our homework to bring the best green technologies and the latest conservation techniques and strategies to your project. We help you weigh the cost benefits as well as your comfort needs for each system in your home.


We not only build quality, custom homes, but also remodel existing homes to achieve the style and appearance you desire. Need to sell your home? We work with top organizers and stagers to maximize the look and feel of your home for a quicker sale. Want to stay? We'll work with you to make remodeling decisions that provide lasting value and create a comfortable, stylish space.


Is it time for your home to get a makeover? We can take on virtually any sized project to update your home and give it a fresh, modern appeal.

Energy Consultation

A home that is not energy efficient is a home that is costing you more than it should. We provide an energy consultation that spot energy leaks and makes recommendations for improvements that will significantly reduce your energy costs.

Project Management

With collectively 40 years of experience collaborating on everything from small up fits to major commercial developments, Fasse Construction has the creativity, diligence, integrity, and skills to help bring your unique home, neighborhood, or commercial project to life.

Let us make your home one in which you will absolutely love to live!

Call Pamela at (910) 232-1474 or Randall at (910) 200-1468.

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