Check us out in Lumina News!

Tonbo Meadow was featured in the Lumina News this week! Be sure to pick up a copy or click on the link above to read the online version.  The article discusses the mid-century modern stylistic elements of the town homes, land planning, and the many unique LID (low-impact development) features. 

Tonbo Meadow Exterior

For more information on Tonbo Meadow, or to schedule a showing, please contact the Fasse bldgs. office at (910) 679 4277

Natural Pool COMING SOON to Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow, off of Greenville Loop Rd. in Wilmington, NC has yet another sustainable feature in the works. As this unique, low-impact development begins to evolve into everything we hoped it would be, we began getting several inquiries about whether or not a pool would be a future amenity.

After some extensive research, we have started the initial planning phases to make this a reality! Teaming up with our landscape architect, from B+O Designs, we are in the early planning phase of this innovative feature at Tonbo Meadow.

Natural Pool

Natural pools have crystal clear water, and require no chemicals to maintain, because they are actually self-cleaning mini-ecosystems. Surprisingly, natural pools even have lower maintenance than conventional pools. This Goodhousekeeping article features a few examples worth pondering.

Natural pools are very popular in many areas of Europe and are considered a  much healthier alternative to conventional pools. Using a biological filter (gravel filter or plant filter), water is circulated by a pump to create a clear, clean, chemical-free swimming retreat. With so many different ways to design these pools, it should be interesting to watch this project unfold. They can look almost identical to traditional pools, or have the feel of a natural swimming hole. Can't wait to see how the final design turns out at Tonbo Meadow!

natural pool with gravel

Natural Pool


Make energy efficiency a priority! Fasse Construction's homes consistently exceed tax credit standards when it comes to making your house more eco-conscious and energy efficient. Here are a couple North Carolina tax credits that are good until the end of 2013:

New Homes:

Energy Improvements to Older Homes:

Let Fasse Construction help you find your perfect shade of green! For more information on a new home or a home remodel, please call our office at (910) 679-4277

Fasse bldgs.

As many of you may have noticed, we have recently changed our company name and logo! For those of you who did not know, I present the new Fasse bldgs. logo...

Fasse bldgs.

We are so thrilled to see how our company is growing, evolving, and changing as we begin to channel all of our skills, talents, experience, and passion in the right direction.

The name Fasse bldgs. was created to portray a life-long vision of owner, Pam Fasse. That vision, "It's about being a good steward of the land, passing along a legacy of environmental responsibility. Now is the time to embrace our changing environment and move beyond old boundaries to a more productive and healthier morality..." is reflected by the circle (plant earth) and the flight of the birds (the uncontrolled freedom of nature). The color green streamlines the vision into a direct and forceful statement: "Fasse (green) bldgs." (But do expect to see the logo in a selective palette of mod colors as well!)

When the name and logo appear as one, we portray the ecologically free-spirited nature of Fasse bldgs., while we continue to create efficiencies and value for homeowners, and always push the envelope on environmental sustainability.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and interest in Fasse bldgs. We look forward to this new chapter, and to embracing our new name along with all of its deeply rooted symbolism. Stay posted for more information and updates!   

Tonbo Meadow now on MLS!

Homes in Tonbo Meadow are now listed on MLS! Click HERE to take a look at the listing...

Green, Eco- Conscious Townhomes off Greenville Loop Rd. in Wilmington, NC

Progress Report

We are so excited about all of our current and upcoming projects at Fasse Construction! First let's take a look at all the progress at our favorite modern, low-impact development, Tonbo Meadow. The finishing touches are being made in unit 7 (the unit on the far left) of the first Tonbo Meadow triplex....

White Modern Kitchen

Tonbo Meadow shower

Tonbo Meadow Interior

As for the other two units of the triplex, these are both already occupied with happy new homeowners! I stopped by last week, and got a sneak peak inside the middle unit as some of our favorite clients get settled in...

Tonbo Meadow Unit 6

Tonbo Meadow Living Area

Tonbo Custom Cabinetry

Tonbo Meadow Kitchen

It is so nice to see all the variation and stylistic changes from unit to unit! Now leaving Tonbo Meadow, and heading towards Wilmington's historic district, where we will find another current project...a beautiful custom home on Dock Street. This home is less than two months from completion. Don't be misled by the will be surprised how much things come together in the final weeks of construction!

Dock Street Home

kitchen progress

Bedroom in Progress

We also have Rogue Townhomes in the works. This is another project in the very happening downtown Wilmington area. The permit process is nearly complete and we are looking forward to breaking ground on this awesome project very soon! 

Rogue Townhomes

There are several other cool projects in the works, but you will have to stay tuned for more updates. That's all for today! 

Shinn Point home Progress

Custom home by Fasse Construction

Checking out the progress on this custom home by Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. This house is located on Shinn Point, off of Greenville Loop Rd. in Wilmington, NC. With an elevated piling design to ensure spectacular views of the Intracoastal Waterway, this home design puts a modern twist on a traditional style house. For more information, or to discuss a future custom home by Fasse Construction, please call our office at (910) 679-4277.

Welcome Home Tonbo Meadow Homeowners!

It's moving week for the first two Tonbo Meadow homeowners following last week's closings. We want to give a shout out to both of these awesome families and give them an official 'welcome to the Tonbo Meadow hood' from the whole team at Fasse Construction! It has been a pleasure working with both of you and we couldn't have hand selected two better families as initial adopters to this new and exciting style of living...Welcome Home!

Tonbo Meadow Lights Out


Color Scheme at Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow Wins Gold!

Tonbo Meadow won gold at the 2014 Parade of Homes!

We are so excited and thankful for all the support for this project. It has been a journey to make it happen, and it is so rewarding to be a part of Wilmington's first true low-impact development.

Tonbo Meadow Article


The sign is up at Tonbo Meadow! Just off Greenville Loop Rd. in Wlmington, NC this modern, stylish, low-impact development is well on its way. Vertical construction should begin in the next few weeks and we are getting very excited! There are still homes available! For more information, please call our office at (910) 679-4277.

Tonbo Meadow Sign

2014 Parade of Homes at Tonbo Meadow

Just a few captures at Tonbo Meadow during the 2014 Parade of Homes. We are looking forward to weekend two this weekend! Come check us out 12-5pm this Sat-Sun.

Address is: 2500 Tonbo Trail Wilmington, NC  28409         (Put 6017 Greenville Loop Rd in your GPS if you are having trouble, as this is the previous site address) 

POH Tonbo

Tonbo POH

Tonbo Meadow POH

Snacks Tonbo POH

For more information about Tonbo Meadow, or to schedule a showing please contact:

Jason Hand (Realtor/Broker) at (910) 523 2625

NEW LISTING in Wilmington, NC

Lot on Wrightsville Ave. Wilmington, NC with proposed 'Midori Style' house was just listed TODAY! Click here to check it out!

2014 Parade of Homes

We had a great turnout at Tonbo Meadow during weekend one of the 2014 Parade of Homes! You still have another weekend to come check us out if you didn't make it already.Tonbo Meadow is off Greenville Loop Road, just past Bradley Creek Elementary School. (formerly 6017 Greenville Loop Rd. Wilm, NC 28409)

We are so thankful for all the support this past weekend and look forward to meeting even more of you during the upcoming weekend! To learn more about the 2014 Parade of Homes, click Here

Tonbo Meadow Parade of Homes

New Home on Shinn Point is Underway!

Vote TONBO MEADOW for the 2014 Parade of Homes People's Choice Award!

Our team at Fasse Construction is so excited Tonbo Meadow will be featured in the 2014 Parade of Homes! The People's Choice Awards voting is underway and we need your help!

Please take the time the visit the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builder's Association Facebook Page and like Tonbo Meadow in the Peoples Choice Section: 

You will notice there is nothing quite like Tonbo Meadow, and
we hope you will be able to come check it out for yourself during the 2014 Parade of Homes. April 26-27 and May 3-4 from 12pm-5pm each day.

We look forward to seeing you there and don't forget to vote for Tonbo Meadow!

 Tonbo Meadow Triplex

Tonbo Kitchen

Tonbo Front


Tonbo Meadow Sign

Announcing Our Newest Project

We are so excited to announce our newest project in the downtown Wilmington area: Rogue Townhomes. Stay tuned for more information and details on this upcoming project.

Architect:Rob Romero

Listing Agent:Randy Harmon

Rogue Townhomes


The infrastructure at Tonbo Meadow is near completion on Greenville Loop Rd., and we are narrowing down our design choices for the homes. The eco-chic townhomes will have a unique modern appearance, with two floor plans to choose from. Tonbo Meadow residents will LOVE the stylish, local, AND eco-friendly materials integrated into our designs, with options such as refurbished/reclaimed wood, recycled countertops, stained concrete, and custom cabinetry/storage.

Tonbo Palettes

The Sign is Up at Tonbo Meadow!

Big thanks to R. Mended Metals for their work on our new entry sign at Tonbo Meadow! The mix of earth tones, woods, and metals were used for the sign and privacy fence to reflect the modern, green design approach embraced throughout this development. The wood is adorned with copper dragonflies, which are the origin of the development's name. In Japanese culture, the dragonfly (tonbo) represents strength and happiness, thus defining it as one of the most resilient insects on the planet.

Tonbo Meadow embraces the dragonfly legend by introducing 14 two and three-story mid-century modern style homes that encompass a smaller, smarter footprint. We are beyond excited to introduce these homes to the community!

Tonbo Meadow Sign

Tonbo Meadow!

Tonbo Meadow, Wilmington's first true low-impact development (LID), is underway! 

With homes starting in the 300k range, the Tonbo Meadow development will offer 2 different home styles to choose from--The Townhome (TH) style, and the Loft (L) style. Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. has collaborated with Scott Ogden, and his wife Lara Berkely of B+0 Design Studio for their creative, eco-conscious approach to architectural and environmental design. Below you will find the Tonbo Meadow master plan, including the building names. Each duplex/triplex was named after a dragonfly species native to the area. This is in lieu of Tonbo, meaning 'Dragonfly' in Japanese.

We are still taking reservations! For more information, or to secure your spot in the Tonbo Meadow Please Call Fasse Construction at (910) 679-4277.


Tonbo Meadow Key Plan

2014 Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Award


SPRING has SPRUNG! Get your home and garden ready

Spring in Fasse's Tonbo Meadow            Spring in the Tonbo Meadow....Wilmington's first true low-impact development (LID)

At 7:02 a.m. this morning, Wednesday, March 20, the sun crossed directly over the Earth's equator during a moment known as the vernal equinox when both day and night are about equal -- also the official start of Spring! This means, it's time to start thinking about getting your home and garden prepped for the new season. 

Here are a few tips from Fasse Construction to get your home and garden Spring ready!


  • Inspect the roof for winter damage:  leaks, missing or broken shingles or tiles. 
  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Check for leaks, misalignment, or damage.
  • Check painted surfaces for flaking. Paint or touch-up exterior. How about a new color trim? Check siding for loose nails, damage, or rot. Power wash porches and decks to remove mildew and fungus.
  • Make sure all doors and windows close and lock properly.
  • Wash windows, put up screens and patch any holes. Check caulking around windows and doors. Re-caulk if necessary.
  • Remove all debris from the yard. Clear dead foliage and weeds from flowerbeds, fertilize, and lay mulch.
  • Begin spring landscaping projects. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, a simple project like a small wildflower garden will bring bliss and beauty to your home for the new season!
  • Inspect, clean and repair outdoor furniture.
  • Check for termites and insects-call exterminator if needed.
  • Flush your hot water heater to remove accumulated sediment


  • Open windows to freshen and ventilate. Light a fresh linen candle…my go-to Spring scent for the home.
  • Add Flowers! Head to the local farmer’s market or nursery and add some fresh color to your home. My spring faves are daffodils, tulips, daisies, and peonies.
  • Clean and reorganize. Lighten your load and get rid of the things that clutter your living space. They don’t call it ‘Spring Cleaning’ for nothing!
  • Flip your mattress and change your bedding. Put the heavy winter quilts and blankets away, and substitute with lighter colorful options. Wash pillowcases and curtains to reduce allergens and dander.
  • Air out throw rugs and shampoo carpet.
  • Look into ways you can make your home more energy efficient this Spring. This includes assessing light bulbs, weather strips, HVAC systems, and more. 

Yesterday at Tonbo Meadow

Took a quick trip to Tonbo Meadow yesterday with the new gopro!

Tonbo Meadow Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow

Fasse Construction in the Wilmington Star News!

Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. was featured in the Star News this morning! Pam Fasse discussed her infill developments Midori on 29th and Tonbo Meadow and their significance in the Wilmington area. With very little developable space left in Wilmington, this prompts more inward development strategies like Fasse’s. According to the article, only about 10-20 percent of the city is open for new development. In the past, the city had plans to grow by extending its boundaries, but changed annexation rules now emphasize inward growth, exemplified by Fasse Construction’s projects.

Tonbo Meadow, Fasse’s low impact infill development (LID) on Greenville Loop Rd. in Wilmington is now underway and the infrastructure is scheduled to be complete next month. This 14-lot development uses about 3 acres of land, which is being developed into eco-friendly semi-attached duplexes and triplexes to maximize the development potential with a green building approach.

Vertical construction should begin shortly after the infrastructure is complete, as several future residents are eager to call Tonbo Meadow their home by the end of the summer.

For more information on the push for infill developments in Wilmington NC, check out today's article in The Star News!

Another quick time lapse video capturing all the progress on the first triplex at Tonbo Meadow. These clips were taken the last few days in January, during the ice and snow we were experiencing throughout Wilmington. It's interesting to watch the progress and watch the clouds, ice and snow roll in! 

Custom Home in Mason Knoll

Adorable custom home by Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. in Mason Knoll Wilmington, NC


Verde Painting

The two older homes on the future Tonbo Meadow site were demolished yesterday and it was quite a site! This brings Fasse Construction just one step closer to developing Wilmington’s first low impact development (LID), Tonbo Meadow.

Tonbo Meadow takes an integrated systems approach to a healthy, comfortable, conservational home and community. Tonbo Meadow is a 14-lot family cluster development that will be on a 3+acre parcel off of Greenville Loop Road just south of Bradley Creek Elementary School.  At the rear of the community there is a one-acre meadow park for the private use of those in the community as well as a communal recreation building. Termed Wilmington’s “Real Estate Gold Coast,’ the Greenville Loop area is known for its fair share of desirable new housing developments. Aside from the promise of an innovative, functional modern architectural design, what makes this development so unique is Fasse Construction & Development’s green development approach encouraging conservation and the use of on-site natural features to protect water quality.

It’s a concept prior to the development’s conception that has piqued the interest of green builders across the state and has forced the city to re-examine its own polices addressing low-impact development. It is beyond exciting and we are so pleased that half of the development has already been reserved before ground was broken on the site! To reserve a lot, or for more information, please call our office at (910) 679-4277. Let Fasse Construction help you find your perfect shade of green.

Tonbo Meadow Triplex Update

All windows and doors are in at the Tonbo Meadow triplex. The plumbing is in and the electric is nearing completion. You can finally start to see what these townhomes are going to look like! Here are a couple pictures I snapped over the weekend

Tonbo Triplex

Tonbo Triplex

Tonbo Meadow Triplex


With all the hype about ‘going green’ these days, have you ever wondered just how green your home is?

As an eco-friendly builder and developer, Fasse Construction specializes in custom green homes in and around Wilmington, NC. The first step in our development process is finding out what our clients value most in their home/life, and just how green they would like their future custom home to be. We also consider what is most important to them as far as environmental/social impact, functionality, interior/exterior options, home atmosphere preference, and any additional customizable options that we hope will better serve their needs and lifestyle. With this in mind, it is often necessary to evaluate one’s current home and give it what we like to call a ‘green test.’ These are some of the things to consider:

~Windows and Doors- Air tightness and energy efficiency

~Insulation and Air Leaks

~Heating/Cooling/Hot Water Heater Assessment

~Examine Energy Bills- Throughout the course of a year

~Lighting and Large Appliances-  Radiant heat and electricity

This article by Green gives a little more insight on some of the tests that may be necessary to evaluate your home and rate it on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scale. It is important to keep in mind that most conventional homes have a HERS score near 100, while most near zero energy homes are at around a 20 on the scale. Most of the homes by Fasse Construction, normally rate around 53-55 on the HERS scale.

Fasse Construction & Development not only specializes in custom home building, but we also do remodels, upgrades, and energy consulting. The idea is to create a more harmonious and eco-conscious home, which in turn can save you up to 70% on your utility bills. For more information on our services, or to set up an appointment, please call (910) 679 4277, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or stop in our office at 5 Live Oak Dr, Wrightsville Beach. We would love to help you find your perfect shade of green.


We made a few changes to the exterior of the Tonbo Meadow townhomes. Here is a sneak peak of a revised exterior rendering. This particular image is the triplex which is now under construction. This is the 'Meadowhawk' triplex, which will be featured in the 2014 Wilmington Parade of Homes April 26th -27th and May 3rd-4th.

We are hard at work getting these units completed in the next couple of months. Check out the video below to see a little of the progress and stay tuned for more videos and updates!

Tonbo Meadowhawk Triplex


SCAVENGER SALE!  Hosted by Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. This SATURDAY, FEB. 23rd! This is a 'pick and pull' style scavenger sale on a lot with 2 old houses that will be demolished next week. Doors, appliances, windows, hinges, knobs, scrap wood, tiles, and anything else you can get off the house is up for grabs! 6007 Greenville Loop Rd. Wilmington, NC, just beside Bradley Creek Elementary School. Cash Only. Starting at 8:30 am. Perfect for anyone who is into 'repurposing.' Call the office if you need more information (910) 679 4277. Hope to see everyone there!

A few days of the progress at Tonbo Meadow for your enjoyment...


The Old Wrightsville Beach Fire Station/Ticket Office Just Got Way Cooler!

Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. has a swaggy new office in the heart of Wrightsville Beach. Just a few months ago, this small space was dark, dingy and in need of a serious attitude adjustment. Two coats of mustard paint, and people are already starting to get curious. Fresh white tile and walls on the interior offset the groovy mustard exterior, and the navy accent wall gives the office a classy, bold element, without being boring. I stand convinced that navy is the new black these days.

A treasure hunt through Wilmington’s vintage art district on Castle Street led me to one of my favorite spots, Projekte, where I fell in love with an awesome crushed velvet, mod, asymmetrical love seat to compliment our cozy little office/home away from home. Not only was this piece eye catching, flattering to the navy wall, and straight out of Austin Powers, but its’ green color is also reflective of Fasse Construction’s evolution to becoming the most unique green builder in the area.

Just one look at Pam Fasse’s homes, and it is clear we believe green living, functionality, and energy conservation can all be easy on the eyes. Stop in our new office, 5 Live Oak Drive Wrightsville Beach, NC and let us help you find your perfect shade of green

Fasse Construction & Development, Inc.

Fasse Construction Office Before and After

Fasse Office Collage

 Before and After Interior Office


Tonbo Meadow Triplex

Just a quick update on the Tonbo Meadow triplex. We are moving right along! The framing is nearing completion and the windows were delivered yesterday. The window installation has begun today and will continue for the next few days. The roof, electric, and plumbing are in progress. Phase 2 of landscaping is in the works where we will focus on additional screening plants, a privacy fence, and an entry sign. Here are a couple preview pics from a few days back...

Tonbo Meadow is Wilmington's first true low-impact cluster of eco-conscious homes. Their collaboration is steeped in a homegrown beach culture that breeds a healthy and free spirit, appealing to those who are energized by the "less is really more" credo. Implementing one of the most innovative green building solutions to date, with operating energy and maintenance costs 70% lower than comparable homes and a Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) more than 45 points below average. A tightly sealed building envelope allows for more pure indoor air quality, adding to the energy efficient HVAC systems and appliances, providing a healthier, more holistic environment for the most ecologically minded spirits.

For more information on Tonbo Meadow, please call our office at (910) 679 4277

Greenest Office Building in the World!

 New office in Seattle is said to be the ‘Greenest Office Building in the World'

This 100% solar powered building will exist in a city not known for its endless sunny days. The building was built from completely green materials, has composting toilets, and all water is supplied from harvested rainwater. Other components include:

  • A triple-glazed curtain wall system
  • Windows that open and close automatically depending on outside conditions
  • A closed-loop geothermal system
  • Radiant floor heating and cooling
  • Extensive daylighting from taller than average ceilings and windows
  • Rooftop solar system designed to generate 100 percent of the building’s energy needs

Not only is this building completely eco-conscious, but extremely easy on the eyes as well. For more detailed information, take a look at this article on Co.Exist.

Green Building

Basement Remodel By Fasse Construction

Fasse Construction built this energy efficient home just outside Wilmington, NC a few years back and left the basement unfinished at the request of the home owners. Recently, this family of four has decided to convert their basement into a space that their guests and growing children could enjoy for years to come.

They went with a modern, minimalist look. Polished concrete, recessed lighting, & a gray/neutral palette. Here are a few before & after shots. Just a few more finishing touches to go, but what a big improvement!


Coury Before 1

Coury Basement

and AFTER...

Coury Basement

Basement Remodel After

Coury Basement Bathroom

Coury Basement Remodel

If you have a remodel project in the near future, be sure to consider Fasse Construction for your project. We use the most modern green building techniques with a a focus on a healthier living environment and an energy efficiency resulting in long term savings in utility costs. For more information, call our office at (910) 679 4277 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Instagram Now Viewable in your Web Browser!

Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. has photos to share

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'Tis the season to Elf Yourself. It really helps us get in the holiday spirit around our cozy little Wrightsville Beach office. Happy Holidays from your team at Fasse Construction & Development!

Permits Approved for Tonbo Meadow

Tonbo Meadow Eco-friendly•Chic•Modern

This future development by Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. will be underway in just a few weeks!

Tonbo Meadow will be a fourteen-home semi attached eco- development on 3+ acres in Wilmington, NC, off of Greenville Loop Road, just south of Bradley Creek Elementary School. Fasse Construction teamed up with the innovative, eco-conscious architect, Scott Ogden of B+O Design to create the unique homes of Tonbo Meadow.

The Tonbo development takes an integrated approach to a healthy, comfortable, conservational home by optimizing the major “green” objectives including pure indoor air quality, a tightly sealed building envelope, energy efficient HVAC and appliances, limited waste, and site based design.

The community will offer a one-acre meadow park and organic raised garden for the private use of those in the community. In addition, maintenance and care of exterior features will be provided for true ‘lock and leave’ convenience. 

Home sites are tailored to match the land and provide you with the best possible views of picturesque rain gardens, lovely parks and charming wildlife from nearby woods and wetlands. These modern, stylish homes provide a place to live that is healthier for the environment and the homeowner.

We are taking reservations for homesites now! Call Fasse Construction & Development, Inc. at (910) 679-4277


Design Concepts for TONBO MEADOW

Tonbo Meadow, Wilmington's first true low-impact development, is finally starting to unfold. Visualizing interiors based on plans alone is sometimes challenging, so I have been working on some concept boards to help future Tonbo homeowners visualize their future home:

Organic Modern Design


Eclectic Concepts

For more information on Tonbo Meadow, or to reserve your spot, please call our office at (910) 679 4277 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Several homes are pre-sold, but we still have homes available!

Mid Century Modern Style on Houzz

Take a look at the newest home on the block at  Midori on 29th, a modern, sustainable neighborhood by Fasse Construction & Development, Inc.


There are still two lots available on S. 29th. St. Please call our office for more information or to secure your spot now! (910) 679 4277

Closing on Porter's Pointe!

It’s Official

This beautiful home in Porter’s Pointe in Wilmington, NC now has a family to call it home! 

This house is Pam Fasse’s signature ‘Courtenay’ style, which was inspired and named after the eldest of her two daughters. The contemporary home gives off a harmonious vibe, with plenty of natural light, fresh neutral tones, and open space. Of course the home was tweaked to reflect the personal style and personalities of the new homeowners who are moving to the coast from Washington, DC.

As always, Fasse Construction Inc. built this home in an ecologically responsive manner, with efficiency and sustainability in mind. Its hard to believe, not a single tree was removed from the lot to build this home.

Congrats to the excited new homeowners, this one is a real gem!

House Porter's Pointe

Porter's Pointe

Master Bedroom

Carpenter Home Progress

We are wrapping things up at the Carpenter house this week! Tucked away on Shinncreek Dr, off of Greenville Loop Rd in Wilmington, this custom home is a perfect mix of modern and traditional coastal. With water views throughout, and a sunny, elevated cupola, the home was definitely designed to compliment the land and take full advantage of the surrounding views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Hats off to our architects at B+O Design Studio of Wilmington for the home and landscape designs.

The family plans on moving in at the end of the week. I managed to walk through as our team was wrapping some things up a couple days ago. Here are a few pictures of this beautiful custom home by Fasse Construction & Development, Inc.

Carpenter Home

Carpenter Exterior

Carpenter Kitchen & Living

Carpenter Cupola

Carpenter Bedroominterior Carpenter Residence

Carpenter Living & Fire Feature

Exterior Carpenter House


Fasse Construction is now on Instagram!!

Are you on Instagram?

Look for us "Fasse_Inc" and get all the latest images from Fasse Development & Construction, including our premiere neighborhoods: Midori on 29th, Tonbo, and many other custom green homes. Visit Instagram on your mobile device and under the "Find Friends" menu - type in "Fasse Construction"

And be sure to share some of your great photos with us! We love to see your unique photos featuring architecture, green building, interior design, and do it yourself home/office projects.Tag your shots #fasse_inc on Twitter and Instagram for us to find - we'll share some of the best ones next week!

Tonbo Meadow Fall Event

Thanks to everyone for coming to our Tonbo Meadow event last night! The construction has officially begun on the first triplex (featured below), so we have a lot to celebrate! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed chatting with everyone about the start of this awesome development!

Also, a special thanks to Corning Credit Union for partnering with Fasse Construction on this event and offering financing for our future Tonbo residents. For more information on Tonbo Meadow, please call our office at (910) 679 4277 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are still homes available in Wilmington's first modern, low-impact development!

Tonbo Meadow Fall Event

Tonbo Triplex Color Rendering

Act now in time for St. Nick!

Pick your colors and up graded appliances. Our New Home being constructed is ready for you to decide what colors and carpet should go on the walls and halls... Beautiful four (4) bedroom home in a walk-able community including: pool, club house and open meeting area. This home sits nestled behind live oak trees and open pavilion green space; yet only a couple of blocks away from shops, restaurants and up scale grocery stores; in prestigious Porters Neck Area.

This New Home boasts technically designed features with craftsman style architecture. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we may fulfill your dreams in this award winning design home.


Good Morning Everyone! 

We have decided to postpone the event at Tonbo Meadow that was scheduled for this evening due to the weather Frown

We are rescheduling the Fall event for Thursday, November 7th from 4:30-7:00 pm (more details to follow). Go ahead and put it on your calendars now! Hope everyone stays dry and we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

For more information on Tonbo Meadow, please call the office at (910) 679 4277, or email Fasse Construction at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tonbo Meadow Gains Final Approval!


City Counsel, Press, and neighboring Public applaud Gold Standard development Practices, found in Tonbo Meadow and Resource Protective Area!

Autumn Toast Event at Tonbo Meadow!

Please join us for our event next Wednesday, October 9th to welcome Wilmington's first low-impact development....The modern, green Tonbo Meadow! Fasse Construction is partnering with Corning Credit Union to showcase the development and toast to the season with wine, cheese, & all things GREEN! We hope to see everyone there!

Tonbo Meadow Event

Porter's Pointe Nearing Completion!

Here's a Deal!                                                               

We'll pay your electric bill for the next TWO YEARS!!

We are so confident in our foam insulation and upgraded direct run HVAC duct work; we'll pay you!

Call us for full disclosure and participation details; but we'll pay for any over runs on your next home electric bills over $100.00 per month; for the next two years!

Act now and save thousands. Go under contract before the end of 2012 and beat next year's anticipated price increase.

This home is nearly 2900 square feet; yet below per foot comparable sales prices.

Hypo allergenic: hardwood floors upstairs and down, extra large double car garage, glass and granite counter tops throughout, sealed crawl space - not slab construction, with choice lot selection privacy and natural oak trees. You could be living the dream in time for Christmas!

Call us today for an appointment and let us show and explain to you, the difference!

Fasse Construction - Green,  ECO Friendly, Sustainable, Timeless.

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The wetland at Tonbo Meadow is nearly complete! Fasse Construction's owner, Pamela Fasse, got down and dirty during the installation process as she 'dug in' to help plant the Cape Fear native wetland plants. We were also fortunate enough to have a group of engineers from the Raleigh area come to Wilmington to tour the Tonbo Meadow site, and take a closer look at our stormwater wetland, in addition to several other notable engineered water management features on the 3+ acre site.

Tonbo Meadow Wetland Install

Tonbo Meadow Progress

Tonbo Meadow Progress

North Carolina engineers exploring the stormwater management on the site...Tonbo Meadow visitors

Tonbo Wetland

The Tonbo Meadow site features a wetland versus a retention pond, which is traditionally used in most infill developments in the area. This new wetland will accommodate on-site runoff, as well as pre-development runoff from adjacent properties. There are also several community rain gardens on the site, in addition to drainage swales and infiltration systems, all designed to properly manage runoff and maximize water quality protection.

On the lighter side, these features are created in a way that preserves native plants on the site, while incorporating other native species that invite butterflies, birds, bats, and of course our personal fave...DRAGONFLIES

Tonbo Meadow Dragonflies

It is so exciting to see the progress at Tonbo Meadow and we promise to keep you in the loop on the evolving project! To secure your spot in the chic, green Tonbo Meadow community, or for more information on the development, please contact Fasse Construction's office at (910) 679-4277. 

Act now in time for St. Nick!

Pick your colors and up graded appliances. Our New Home being constructed is ready for you to decide what colors and carpet should go on the walls and halls... Beautiful four (4) bedroom home in a walk-able community including: pool, club house and open meeting area. This home sits nestled behind live oak trees and open pavilion green space; yet only a couple of blocks away from shops, restaurants and up scale grocery stores; in prestigious Porters Neck Area.

This New Home boasts technically designed features with craftsman style architecture. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we may fulfill your dreams in this award winning design home.


Installation of Phase one of the landscaping at our eco-chic, low impact development, Tonbo Meadow is underway! The landscaping team from Element Outdoor Living, headed by Element's owner and personal friend of ours, Blair Walton, will be installing the irrigation, wetland, and additional plantings on the 3+ acre property.

In just a couple weeks, Tonbo Meadow will be transformed, and we we can't wait to see how much the site evolves from its farmland roots! Previously known as the 'Peterson Farm,' where a local Wilmington family raised chickens, milk cattle, and grew a small number of food crops, it is part of Fasse Construction's mission to carry on this appreciation and respect for the land. Not only do the attached town homes at Tonbo Meadow have a much smaller building footprint, but the town homes also embrace the latest in sustainable materials, technology, and building techniques that reduce energy consumption. Tonbo Meadow is designed to be a community of people who want their home to embrace nature and live lighter on the land. 

If you are on Greenville Loop Rd and happen to drive by, be sure to give us a big HONK and show your support for this awesome sustainable project by Fasse Construction.

Tonbo Meadow Irrigation/Landscape Phase

For more information on this development, please call our office at (910) 679-4277

Tonbo Meadows Gains traction and Recognition...

Both Wilmington's Greater Business Journal and Wilmington's City Technical Review Committee; have found Tonbo Meadows an anomaly to the standard "developer's directive of": maximum land usage for profit vs. Using the Land for what's best for the environment and the people who choose to live at Tonbo.

Tonbo Meadows is an ECO friendly development; in both habitat and plausible living. The property hosts  aesthetic flower and rain gardens, a community food's garden, as well as open space with walking paths and  wetlands area to both filter and sustain watershed on the property.  Housing meets the needs and budgets alike of early retirees to young urban couples. With loft style living and zero lot lines, the home sites combine just over 20,000 square feet of vertical building construction with more than three acres or, 139,000 of total land area with a seven (7-1) to one (land to home) ratio!

Call or contact us today to make your reservation. 

Tonbo Meadow Feature

Tonbo Meadow is now featured on the Century 21 Sweyer website as an official new home community in Wilmington, NC! Click here to check it out!

After all this rain, we look forward to finally moving forward with the Tonbo Meadow development. We were recently established as an official new home community in the area and we are excited to begin vertical construction on our first triplex in the development in the coming weeks!

Here We Go Again... New Design in Porter's Pointe

New Home Started in Porter's Pointe. Awesome New Design will soon be ready, with plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable. This home includes: a Double bay garage, flex space / hobby room, 3-4 bedrooms and all the standard features accustomed with a Fasse Construction house.

Contact us now so you can be the first to customize your selections while we still under construction.


6421 Shinn Point Dr. Wilmington, NC

This beautiful energy efficient green-built home by Fasse Construction is just off Greenville Loop Rd. in Wilmington with amazing water views of the Intracoastal waterway. The home is designed and built to create a healthier living environment and have a low impact on the environment. Some of the features include: foam insulation, passive solar design, ductless mini splits, pure indoor air quality, NO VOC paint, energy efficient appliances, local reclaimed wood, and a site based design. The owners are very excited about relocating to the Wilmington area and eagerly anticipating the completion of their new home in the coming months!

Shinn Point home

Carpenter Home Side View

103 S. 29th St. Wilmington, NC

This is the fourth home in the 'Midori on 29th' development by Fasse Construction. All of the homes in this development take a similar architectural design approach, although each home is tailored for the future homeowners. These homes were inspired by the mid-century modern style with extremely eco-conscious features including: ductless mini-splits, site based eco-conscious design, minimal land and environmental disruption, natural gas, foam insulation, passive solar positioning, energy star appliances, small lot footprints, and exceptional overall energy efficiency. This home is the largest and most customized home of the four Midori homes, but still emulates the fresh, modern feel of the entire development.

Midori home

Midori on 29th st

Exterior Midori home

Midori Spec House Under Contract!

Only days before our final Inspection, an acceptable Offer is pursuant to close in Mid August!

Only Two Lots left in the Eco Friendly Subdivision MiDori. Contact us for a floor plan that fits your Urban Life Style!!

This is a great NBR Report about how buying a energy efficient home could help you get a bigger mortgage.  This is not only exciting news for Fasse Construction as a green contractor, but for the the entire green/eco-friendly development industry. Fasse Construction and Development, Inc. specializes in eco-conscious, green built homes in Wilmington, NC and the the surrounding counties. Aside from the tremendous health and lifestyle benefits of a green home, and the individual long term energy savings, there could be even more economical incentives!

Midori in Lumina News

Midori on 29th was recently in the news as a model for sustainable, planet-friendly homes in the Wilmington area. As a part of their spotlight on Earth Day, the Lumina News spoke with architect Scott Ogden of B+O Design Studio about how homes in the Midori community are designed to lower energy costs and leave a small environmental footprint.

Scott explains that Midori homes are "a great example of how green features such as tankless water heaters, passive solar energy, Energy Star appliances and icynene spray foam insulation adds money to your pocket. The Healthy Built Home-rated residences produce electric bills in the $40-a-month range."

The article also offers tips on how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce home maintenance costs. If you would like to read this informative article, simply click on the link below.

If you are interested in the Midori on 29th community, call Pam at (910) 232-1474 to see our available lots.